Experimenting with external framing provided by architecture.
Gateway to Cascais Marina. Location: Cascais, Portugal.
Left: View of the Louvre Pyramid from the Passage Richelieu. Location: Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
Right: Medieval cloisters in the morning. Location: Magdalen College, Oxford, UK.
Looking through a peephole in the Torre de Belém. Location: Belém, Portugal.
Left: bathhouse in the in the Réal Alcázar, Seville, Spain. 
Right: visual stack of multiple doorways in the Réal Alcázar, Seville, Spain. 
Interior of the Suzhou Museum. Location: Suzhou, China.
Left: arch reflection in pool. Location: UBC Buchanan Building, Vancouver, Canada. 
Right: view of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel from adjacent staircase. Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore.
 Left: view of Downtown Singapore from Marina Bay Sands. Location: Bayfront, Singapore.
Right: visitor standing in the Danby Archway Location: Oxford, UK.
 View of the Buchanan Building archway. Location: Vancouver, Canada.
 View of Downtown Vancouver from the Harbour Lookout. Location: Vancouver, Canada.